We are thinking about what we are doing and what we will be talking about

What is this site about and what type of posts will we be making as we start our voyage? Following the recent Royal Geographical Society Explore Weekend we have been giving this a lot of thought.

Scotty Johnson, from Explore What Matters, challenged those of us who are about to embark on an expedition or project to ask ourselves what was our real purpose or objective and why and were we focused on what we enjoyed. It was a thought provoking question. His talk certainly made me think as I thought I had done that step but on review my perspective has subtly changed and I recognise for me this is much more about a personal journey joined up by a number of concepts and activites I enjoy. This will alter how I go organising the adventure. Using this revised understanding I’ll be adding content to the site as we move forward with planning and then get “under-way” in nautical terminology.


Posts can be expected on:

The Adventure Plan – what we are doing, maps and descriptions of the route we’ll be taking and activities planned along the way, some of which will then be expanded in other post categories below.

Diary – how we doing against our plan and what we have been doing day to day if it’s something we find interesting – planned or not !

Emergency Response and Safety – staying healthy and “safe” and operating as a high performing team doesn’t just happen. Its needs planning and preparation, exercising and plenty of feedback and iteration. Posts will discuss what SubSeaExplorer.Org is doing in this area as well as general posts drawing on topical news and the teams experience in marine and industrial systems studies, systems failure analysis, safety analysis, human factors and organisational behaviour, risk management and remote and emergency health care in the marine, commercial diving, transport and industrial sectors where there is huge cross-over potential to learning from each other

Natural, Built-Environment and Social Systems – the team will be applying its deep (no pun intended!) experience in systems science and thinking to examine and make sense of the natural systems or “eco-systems” and the biology and distribution of particular families or species of marine life, viewed as networks, as well other systems encountered on the way such as those of the “built-environment”, for example ports, marinas, water extraction or discharge facilities and adjacent housing and industrial usage, with a focus on the interaction between these natural and built-environmental systems, such as sea level changes, and the “social” systems that are impacted, utilise or control these interactions at local, regional, national and international levels.

News – what it says on the tin. Think “stop press” short commutations.

SubSeaExplorer.Orgs projects – in the tradition of many historical voyages we’ll be undertaking observations and documenting findings and investigating what this all means in the areas of marine biology and ecology and on broader oceanographic topics. These will including fish behaviours and migrations and shallow reef community compositions, a number of which are part of network of observations along with undertaking general diversity and abundance citizen science initiatives.

Training and Development – The team has been delivering diving and seamanship training for over 30 years and we’ll be taking time to look at emerging trends and hot topics as well as looking back at the how diver and boater training and practices has changed over time and the evolution of training standards, materials and diving and boating practices.

History – we are pretty big on history. Particularly the history of science and engineering as it applies to the sea and the role that the sea has played in the history of civilisation. We have spent a lot of time reading and watching over the years and still have stacks of books, films and web-resources to read or go back over again, ranging from investigations to personal writings and as we do we’ll write up our views and interpretations and our thoughts how they have contributed to shaping our understanding and influencing our behaviours. We’ll be stopping off at locations of interest to get some first-hand insight were notable people, events or communities have existed and bring some history back to life.

World Projects and Research Resource Lists– a list and discussion of marine citizen science projects from round the world building up a resource list that hopefully will be of interest and use to others. We’ll also look at the history of citizen science and the role it has played in terrestrial and marine sciences and in public perception of sciences and the relationship to preservation and conservation of the natural world and how people have become involved in projects and issues and what they have done as a result.

We’re obviously posting this on this WordPress based site so you’ll be able to comment on our musings and discussions with us your thoughts too and may be we’ll meet some of you on our voyage.